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I'm using both DE and HE (also VC and ogres but not related here )

Fire is devastating with many small sorceresses (even if they are lvl 1s completely naked) you can try PoD with a single die (a 2 is always a fail but else you're good to go) in order to dispel will you risk your lvl4 with a single die? most people don't so you can toss a fireball according to the powerdice you gain with +d3 bonus from lore attribute. (spamming 3 sorceresses you spend 300 points and 3 dice per phase) if you want you can keep a lvl4 sorceress with shadow and dagger,too. still (d6 or 2d6) s4 fireballs are no joking matter for T3 models). Our models are already too expensive.

Unless it is a specially tailored list for HE no one takes hag graef banner to Black guard as they can already reroll everyturn. So don't expect it in an allcomers lists. They will probably have razor standard.

There are only 2 things that bother me to no ends is stubborn pendant lord and hydra. Hydra's cure is white lions with flaming banner, right. For the other, keep a ring of Corin or seerstaff on high magic mage (if you know you'll play against DE otherwise you probably won't take any one of these)
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