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Default 1500 double land raider

Hi people.
Bolstered by the great succes I had with the land raider in this edition, I wanted to build a list around this behemot.
Since one is not enough, at 1500 I feel that 2 will pose a decent treath.
I need the heretic's c&c

Lord Huron

10 Marines
2 melta
lightning claw

10 Marines
2 melta
power weapon

9 Chaos Marines
lightning claw

10 cultists

Land Raider
dirge caster

Land Raider
dirge caster

5 Terminator
icon of excess
1 lightning claw - champion -
4 combi plasma

1500 pts exact.
The plan is simple. While the raiders approach disgorging The lord with the khornate marines and the slaaneshi terminators, the two melta squads are hopefully infiltrated and try to blast away armored treaths. Cultist pray and duck. Not competitive but maybe fun
I definitely need some way to make this list more dynamic.
2 considerations: the landraiders must stay & my local meta entirely lacks flyers.
Thanks in advance guys!

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