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Beating Dark Elves

Dark Elves are widely regarded as one of the strongest books in 8th ed. In addition, anyone who has played with/against the druchii with the asur will know that they are very effective against high elves, seemingly even moreso.


1. Hatred
Every single dark elf unit has hatred, just as all high elves have ASF. In addition, because they hate us so much, they get rerolls to hit in every round of combat. Just thought you should know. Standard of balance can screw with them though.

2. Magic
Once again, just as we get +1 to dispel, they get +1 to cast. This isn't what makes their magic phases so potent though. Their is no limit to how many die they can use to cast. They all come with power of darkness, which generates dispel die. They also have the sac. dagger - a magic item that lets the sorc. using it off a model in her unit to gain a power die. Unlimited uses, can be used multiple times in a turn. Most dark elf lists you will see have a big block of spearmen. These generally aren't line holders or anchors - they are 6 point power die. They have a special lore, but it is nothing to get worried about. They have acess to fire, metal, shadow and death. Shadow is obviously potent, (though PoS less against us) and mindrazor is as good on them as it is on us. Death is especially good for them as they will have seemingly unlimited power die if the get off Purple sun and you roll 6s. Metal isn't great against us (actually, all the damage spells are downright terrible). Fire is blah as always. Just know that they will get off spells when they really want to.

3. Black Guard and Hydra
The two most deadly cc units in the dark elves arsenal. Let us start with the much-maligned hydra. He is really tough to kill - with t5, a 4+ armour and a 4+ regen and a bucketful of wounds. He has a ton of attacks and thunderstomp plus a breath weapon that has a strength proportional to its wounds. Flaming attacks (which should be in your list somewhere) deal with the regen, and at least s5 is needed to deal with this monster. A decent sized group of white lions with the banner of eternal flame should wipe it off the board, and they are good in any list. Remember, dark elves are elves, so move fast, and the hydra is even faster.
Black guard are the other cc unit of doom, but luckily, we are the army that is probably the least scared of them. When I play dark elves (which I have been doing for over a decade) they are a unit I always take, and can toast all but a few units in the game (3 not counting chosenstars) - phoenix guard, swordmasters, and white lions. Black guard are boss. They are ITP ld9 stubborn, so stay in fights. They have a unit cap of 20 though, and have the elven defensive stats of t3 5+ armour. They strike with multiple s4 attacks (usually armour piercing) and generally win. The kicker though is their I value of 6 - meaning most of our units will not get rerolls to hit against this monstrosity of a unit. The best solution - don't let them get into combat. Dwellers them (only base s3) or shoot em up or kill them before they get close. DO NOT, however, let me mislead you. You must close with DE to win. They will outshoot you and will probably outmagic you too (unless you have Book of Hoeth/Teclis). Phoenix guard with the razor standard will kick their butts, and swordmasters will reap a bloody toll before dying. White lions shouldn't be fighting them (they have cold ones and cavalry to hunt) but aren't exactly terrible. Hit them with miasma and a big block of spearelves with wreak havoc. Just know how deadly these guys are.

I will finish up this post later - I have to go now.

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