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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
I'm looking forward to seeing this develop. Best of luck!
Thanks! I look forward to having more to put up here in the future, but I'm waiting for my casting kit to come in for the weapons casting (I ordered a complete starter set, let's hope I can learn to use it without mucking everything up).

In the mean time I felt that sharing some of my notes thus far (written up in another thread, but I felt they should be posted here as well to ensure I don't somehow lose them or forget something, and so people can get an idea of what I'm looking at doing):

I originally considered using Servitor models for the army, but they don't really have a lot of room for me to play about so I'm going a different route with it. Namely green stuff, a lot of wire and raiding other kits for what I want.

I'll be using Vampire Counts Zombies* for the basis for my Count-As Warriors Servitors and the Crypteks (Heritek Engineseers) and Wraiths. Empire Flagellants* will be providing bits for Wraiths (who will b, Lords (Heritek Magos), the Traveller (also a Magos, but will get some extra love to give him that Special Character feel), and the Destroyer Lord.

Servitors are getting a pale, blue tinted skin (side-effect of replacing their blood with energy from the warp (which will also give them black eyes with white irises (just because I dig the way that looks)), which is just some mental fluff I've come up for them).

The various Heriteks will be using a more grayish skin (one based around the GW colors for the Dark Eldar) to give them a more removed look from what we consider to be normal for people. Of course they'll be getting as much as I can give them in terms of personality.

Weapons will be kitbashed and then cast so I can mass-produce them as I want to give them a fairly uniform appearance (like the equipment gets a lot of attention in it's design, but the Servitors are less uniform and more ragtag themselves since they're from whomever happened to be available at the time (slaves, captured Imperial citizens, people who were traded for technology....). Gauss Weapons are going to get a kind of orange-red coil (daemonically powered linear magnetic accelerator! ...yes I am a nerd), and Tesla are getting a pronged end that I'm imagining will be used to "throw" lightning at the target. Warscythes are going to be (generally) based on the cogged axes the Techmarines/Engineseers have, though I may go for a cogged halbred instead.

I'm not yet sure how I'm approaching the vehicles just yet. I am however trying to keep them about the same size and will be keeping some visual similarities between what I've made and what they represent (I'm thinking of doing the Ghost Arks up to look like rib cages with the Servitors hanging down inside of them for example), but that's something that's going to be harder to really do up than the rest of the army I think.

*I decided on Fantasy Models that fit the rough physical build of the kinds of things they represent and don't have armor (since that rather gets in the way of really giving the servitors the kind of character I want to give them). Using Fantasy models is a good deal too as I get 20 Zombies for $35.00 USD and 10 Flagellants for $29.00 USD, which means I'll be building this army a lot cheaper than if I built the entire thing using Servitors, Techmarines and Engineseers.
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