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Default Zion's Dark Mechanicus Project Log

I had a little free time and felt like starting with a Gauss Blaster:

It's mostly done now, I just need to mount an arm (I'm linking a fleshy arm bit and some green stuff to give it a nice "Obliterator Virus" infected look), and then learn to cast it. Casting it to keep from needing to spend all my money on bits. I admit the wire is a little off (and the white looking stuff is super glue I put a slight coat of on it to keep the wire in place), and if I go back and do this again I'd likely use a lower gauge to give it a nice meaty look. And a different weapon to base around. Maybe a Multi-Laser or Lascannon body?

EDIT: Figured it out. I re-split the back section of the Autocannon, and am keeping it separate. To attach it I'm rotating it 90 degrees and using that flat section as the mounting side, putting the rounded section outward. This will allow me to attach the barrel section so the blade is pointing down, and put the gun on either side depending on the model. With the larger wire it looks something like this:

I still need to work some green stuff in to help blend things and give it a nice Chaosy feel.

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