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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
everything is looks alright...

except that your 4 NMs short to take the blast master per squad.
The way it is worded in the Codex is fairly clear. "One in Ten" may upgrade to a BM. Versus the wording for vanilla CSM troops that says something like "in a squad of ten or more, one may upgrade". I'm not even sure they will FAQ that.

With greater numbers of 2+ saves in the game, Ectoplasma seems good. It can definitely chew through hull points, but I think with the "It Will Not Die" rule and the Warpsmith nearby, they should be okay. I haven't playtested that yet though, just theoryhammer at this point.

What do we think of Oblits in this edition? Worth taking a slot from other heavies? I considered taking three Forgefiends, two loaded out with Plasma. Tough to beat Oblit flexibility though. I also have three Vindi's and am considering Defilers.

How have people found the Heldrake and Helbrute? Crazed had been nerfed which is great.

So many different ways to build lists with this codex!

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