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Originally Posted by zeebaa View Post
For the character Urien Rakarth, it says that "Any Dark Eldar army which is commanded by an Archon may be joinred by Urien Rakarth, and he is counted as one of its HQ choices."

My question is, does this mean literally you need an Archon to get Urien, or does it simply mean you need a standard dark eldar army, not a wych cult army commanded by and Archite?

Honestly, if I already have an Archon, I don't think he is worth the points, but I really love his flamer.
It seems pretty clear; you need an Army commanded by an Archon. If you had a standard army without a commander... well that would be missing a requirement now wouldn't it?

Some requirements suck. Like Synapse... what? You know it sucks.

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