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Default The Return of Heresy

Well after what has seemed like an eternity I finally feel like we've won the Russian conflict. Before we begin the grand circle jerk I want to apologise for my fucking retarded handling of the sites backups.

The host fucked up when they failed to set up the backups correctly... I on the other hand fucked up even more. I should of checked the backups were running correctly rather than assuming - how does that saying go? Assumption is the mother of all fuckups?

The timing of the darkest episode in Heresy's history (if we pretend the whole Katie Drake has a COCK saga didn't happen) couldn't of come at a worse time. In fact, with the stuff that's going on in my personal life - the new baby and pathetic working hours the timing of this event could be likened to an intercontinental nuclear war 5 seconds before you poke your cock up Megan Fox's arsehole whilst she screams "FUCK ME PLAGUEFATHER - MAKE IT BROWN!"

Anyway, before I close this prompt message I need two things. Firstly forgiveness for this fuckup and secondly notification of anything that isn't correct (like the buttons I just noticed above the text field I currently type in).

There's work to do.


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