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Originally Posted by SonofMalice View Post
As to Chaos, I do get it that they don't know but from both the micro view I am affecting and the macro view of the series as a whole I NEVER understood exactly who knows what about chaos. Mortation speaks of sorcerous powers and how terrible they are, Magnus' Sons use Tutilaries, and in living memory (for some) such daemons have been summoned and yet the Luna Wolves know nothing about this? It just strains my belief a little too much. Granted that this is a question that will never be answered but I don't understand why you wouldn't tell the SMs about the dangers of Chaos. Not doing so is what brings the whole thing down any way. Pet peeve perhaps :p
But isn't this something done on purpose? Chaos has many forms, but all have so far are minor. Chaos in its stronger form has not presented itself to the Galaxy and humanity to where the Imperium knows this thing called chaos and that it should be fought against. Magnus was the exception, but that was because the Emperor was using Magnus for the Golden Throne.
Also on the subject of Chaos it DOES have a foothold (and Fulgrim is awesome btw). A lot of the stories that come up later in the series show strong chaotic evidence. The Laer as an example, the wraith singers in the next books, Mortarion's home, The world that the Alpha Legion are fighting on (that black cube and all). It is around and it was fought, they mention fighting similar things several times throughout the series.
I agree, but its so minor that to much of the Imperium non-existant. There are cases, sure, but thats why Samus was used in the novel. It was a brief case of "wtf" and the people who knew more of it just saying... don't pay attention to it. Shit happens. And this was also the purpose of the Emperor. Had the Imperium known of Chaos they would probably have to deal with cultists and traitors which would in return slow down the progress of the Great Crusade.
As to Horus fighting on Murder I get his ego and I understand how the martial honor thing works but it was just shortsighted. I would see it if it were and Angron or Mortarion or even Russ but Horus is supposed to be a strategic genius of the first order. This doesn't show that. It also served no purpose. How would the effect on the story have changed if the Interex had showed up just after extracting the EC? The same discussion could have happened and the story proceeded sans battle. That was my beef with it. From a dramatic stand point it wasn't really needed. I would have liked to hear more about the Interex and less about the megarchnids. After all the Interex weapon is of such importance in the coming books that a discussion of the culture that created it should also have a lot of juicy facts. (Ok, I am a bit of a xeno lover)
Fair enough, though with all the novels and redoings of codex's, introducing the interex would build another front to the 40k world or at least thats what I believe. I think it maybe done, but the Interex is something purely invented by Dan. And though any author could pick it up, i don't think authors like middling in other author's work.

Samus is an antagonist in that his power is what warped Jubal and caused several deaths, he apparently has been manipulating things at least a little so he just seemed to fit there.
... it was so small a part, that if I read just then first page I'd go.... where the hell is Samus in all this. Not really. He has a psychological effect in the story, but pretty much ever other character in the story has a bigger part than Samus.
My thanks for the comments, half the reason I wanted to do this was to discuss such things and yours have been quite to the point. I suspect that the next review will solve the issues that you see in this one since it is a strong bridge and enhances the two other books around it. Keep challeging me good sir!
No problem. Thanks for the review. It takes effort to go back in a series and rate books. A note though, because there are not that many reviews in the heresy about the earlier books, if I googled your review, and I know you explained you rate differently, and I saw 6-10. I'd be a bit skeptical. afterall, even though ratings aren't really grades, they do look so.
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