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General Rules

Hey All i just have a few random questions we have ran into and no one has posted the answers i have seen so i figured i would ask them here.

Firstly when in close combat can all models with krak grenades listed as war gear use them on vehicles and MC? Its rare I don't have a power fist or something to do so but we ran into this last night and it seems kinda unfair for a dreadnought to even be in close combat with rear Armour 10. I could understand if only on the turn they charged but every round also seems to make a daemon prince a lot easier to take down.

Another question is can you used focused Witch fire on signal model units? If so what happens if you roll over a 5 and it has to pick another model? Does the attack hit or does it miss completely? On the same note can you use skills such as puppet master on Vehicles? If so can the guys inside fire as well if it is a transport?

I'm sure their will be more rules but these are the main two I can think of well I am at work.

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