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100% agree and it's also my main beef. At this point in time we pretty much all knew what 6th edition would be like (We knew shooting would be more in favour than CC, we knew PW would have AP, we knew how and why transports would be less dominant etc.) but we know absolutely squat about this dex.
It's half a month away and even the model we heard the most about (The Dragon Flyer), well we don't even have any really consistent info on it other than it's supposed to cost around 170 points. Sure, every rumour has said that it would be 12/12/10 and possessed but come on! Everybody was already counting on this being the case. The more I thought about it the more I came to realize that even before I was told anything other than it's concept I expected it to have this statline. So what that really tells me is that we probably know (for certain that is. Educated guesses isn't knowledge, remember?) even less than we think.

And that really bugs me. Because I so want this codex to be good and to arrive RIGHT NOW. But I also don't want it to be too good. If it's a braindead steamroller like the C: GK I probably wouldn't find it satisfying either. So my problem is, since am an eternal pessimist, I always expect things to take a turn for the worse. So when I can't seem to glean any real information about C: CSM from all these rumours I start to become worried how it will turn out.

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