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Mind you these romours are still all over the place (Which is confusing considering the codex is a month or less off). However current rumors make the CSM book sound like the GK book, hyper expensive with only about 35% of the units being worth their actually pts cost, in on the table effectiveness. Yet this would be better then the codex being SM light with cheaper yet less effective stuff then loyaists. However such a change has to walk a careful line as 1-2 pts over on a already expensive model can make including them in your army a none-sequitor. Still I guess unlike GK we can spam shitty cultists for camping objectives while dedicated and apprently overpriced units go forward to actually fight things.

Keep in mind you none of us really know anything about the new book outside of the hellbrute and cultists will be included and some tid bits about what chosen will be like.

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