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Originally Posted by REDEATH View Post
Some of the FW knock off stuff out of China is really good the shade of the resin is a little darker but the pieces I saw were cast right on. The reality of it all is GW is getting ridiculous in its pricing I just saw the website today freaking 5 Finecast Grail Knights are almost $80 USD they are really bleeding their customers dry with the recent insane price hikes is it any wonder there is now a great market for knock offs and people casting their own stuff. It was promised that Finecast was going to be a cheaper alternative to Metal and that we were all going to save money GW and US the Players but it was all a lie the Fincast models are more expensive. GW has lost its soul it is now just a profit money hungry corporate entity its not about gamers and artists expressing their creativity and making games that they and their customers enjoy its now about how high can I jack up the price of my merchandise and raise my profit margins before my addicts/customers start to really quit.
Games Workshop has always been about the bottom line. It's a company, not a charity-- unfortunately, they operate their company like drug dealers...

But yeah. The thing about resin is that it's just not that hard to cast your own stuff. To do it well is tricky, but if you're doing it for personal use and are even passably skilled at using green stuff to fill gaps and minor air bubbles, you can make all you want for personal use and then some. I'm not sure that fact has any real factor in their pricing strategy, though.


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