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Originally Posted by pantat View Post
Originally Posted by Antonius View Post
ATSKNF from SM ICs is transferrable to IG blobs. OUCHIES!. Not sure how the mixed unit would work in receiving some orders though (rank fire is fine - SM ICs can't have a lasgun, but BID,FOMT,MMM and Incoming might be of use to the SM IC also), because they can only be used on IG units, but do you use the highest Ld or the Imperial Guard Units Ld???
Pretty sure I read in the Imperial Guard FAQ somewhere that you have to use the Guardsmen LD for orders, but I can't confirm/quote because at work and they seem to have finally blocked the GW site! I think I remember reading something like that anyway.
"Q: Can an Imperial Guard unit use the Leadership of an allied
Independent Character that has joined their squad for the purposes of
receiving an order? (p29)
A: No."

"Q: Can an allied Independent Character benefit from Imperial Guard
Orders if they have joined an Imperial Guard Squad that successfully
receives an order? (p29)
A: No."

I guess that's rounded up.

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