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Default Battle Brothers Question

I've been reading the FAQs and it seems that a lot of abilities that would be interesting to use with allies are all getting the "can only be used on units from codex: whatever" and not on their allies.

For example, Page 49 – Fateweaver, Oracle of Eternity. Change the first sentence to read “Because of the incredible prescience of the Oracle of Tzeentch, Fateweaver and all friendly units chosen from Codex: Chaos Daemons within 6" reroll all failed Armour, Invulnerable and Cover saves.”- from the Chaos Daemons FAQ.

My question is, are there any abilities, powers, etc. that can be used on Battle Brother allies or are they all FAQ'd otherwise? I'd prefer CSM/Daemons but am also interested in other ally possiblities as well.

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