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I run Plasma guns because they give more shots/range and still insta-kill every troop and work well against light vehicles. Lascannons can kill 1 Marine or 1 tank...

I may switch up my autocannons to missile launchers but I like having two shots as opposed to one.

I run my infantry squads with PCS w/ autocannon, 2 IS with autocannon, and 2-4 HWS with autocannons. But then never acomplish much. My better equiped vets always kill more and are better shots.

I think I might look into other Leman Russ variants and try them out, but I will not drop my vet squads or Marbo to do it. Two Exicutioners with Plasma side sponsons costs more then 3 LRBT but gives a lot more fire power so I'll ues them next time. Had to switch one of my lascannons to a missile launcher.

Marbo is better against non-horde enemies. He can kill a squad of MEQs (and I've done it several times), not a 30 man squad of ork boys though. I put him where I need him and he usually comes through for me, and if not he's only 65 points. He can also take out tanks or artillery. He is an awesome unit if you know what your doing.

Have guns, will travel...
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