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Default Blood Ties


A Renegades Short.
Word Count: 1069 (not including title)

The Giant stood over the Justice Keeper, annoyed by the lack of co-operation on the humans’ part. He had been obstinate and disrespectful to the Astartes since he had first come into the Precinct house, was this how far the people of this night world had fallen? Did the fear of what their King would do if he saw fit not compute in their brains? The Astartes did not even want to contemplate the answers to that.

“You think I am afraid of you Night Lord?” The Justice Keeper sat back in his chair and folded his hands before him into a steeple. “Well I am not”

“That is obvious Justice Lord….. I did not get your name?”

“In your arrogance you did not ask it, so it matters not”

The Astartes growled deep in his throat, he was not used to being spoken too like this and he was within his rights to take this man’s head off his shoulders. The Night Lords were the masters of the darkness; they were the Emperors justice, his hunters of witches and those who would usurp the Emperors authority. He had returned to Nostramo upon rumours of upheaval and a return to the old ways, before the forming of the Legion, before the days of the Emperor and when his father ruled the world with fear.

He was the bogeyman that parents would tell their children about to get them to behave, he was the name whispered n hushed conversations’ in taverns, when the latest murderers had been found and he had never hidden the fact it was he who had killed them. His works of art deterred even the most hardened crime lord from doing anything that was going to get him noticed by the Night Haunter.

But of course they did and he dealt with it.

He always did, he made Nostramo safe and this idiot Justice keeper had no idea what could happen if, no not if, when the Primarch found out about how bad Nostramo had become in his absence he would take notice. This is why Seventh Claw of 52nd Company was here. Their Captain was a cousin of the First Captain, and he had been asked to send a squad to investigate.

The Battle Brother had been in the station house asking for information on bribes that the Chief Justice Keeper was apparently taking and right now, he was starting to lose his temper. Many of the other Justice Keepers had almost defecated themselves when the Night Lord had strode into the prescient house. The sons of Curze were, like their father, not known for their geniality like some of their brothers.

Since the arrival of the Night Lords back to the Home world, attendances at the newly consecrated Churches that had sprung up over the continent had risen.

He had been quite scathing in his comments, he believed that suddenly the Nostramans had found god not because they feared god but they feared what his warriors would do, and more than that, they feared what his archangel son would do. Curze’s brutality was known imperium wide, and it did not bode well for them. He would see the return to their darker ways as a stain upon his honour, and no matter what the Astarte said, or tried to convey across to the Justice Keepers this, idiot was not listening.

Or did not want to listen.

“Tell me, Astartes, how long have you been in the service of the King?”

He arched an eyebrow behind his helm and rumbled “Why do you ask?”

The Justice Keeper sat forward in his chair. He was a man of middle age maybe a little older and his once black hair was going white, his eyes spoke of horrors that he had seen and, judging by how violent Nostramans were, committed himself as a younger boy in the gangs.

“I was a boy when my father told me the same story I am about to tell you. His grandfather had a brother. When the call for the Legion came, when Nostramo was more or less well behaved, both of them stepped up to the call. The one who was careful about what he did, cleaned up after his brother and never really did anything but look out for him was killed during the trials.”

“Such is the way; he would have brought honour to the family for merely being chosen. The Primarch would have ensured they were compensated”

“And so he did, but see such is the way of society both brothers had sired children, the brother who lived sired a son and a daughter, the one who died sired a son.”

“I do not see the point of this”

“The point is this, the man you are hunting is my brother and he deals violence with violence, he is not corrupt, he accepts no bribes but, he dispenses justice in the way the King would see fit if he were here”

The Astartes watched as the man got to his feet and it was then he saw the name, Clause Balor, just as he was registering this in his mind, the door opened and the Chief Justice Keeper came out.

“Chief Balor, I believe this Astartes wishes to talk to you?”

Jarred Balor looked at the Astartes “Come to kill me son of Curze?”

The Astartes shook his head “I just wanted to know if you had returned to the old ways, it would appear my question has been answered.”

He walked to the door and removed his helm “It would seem my mortal line carries on the just fight of the Primarch I am Brother Balor, of Second Claw of 52nd Company, I am relieved that I have no traitors in my line”

He walked away leaving the two mortals stunned and both sat on the desk as they realised they had just seen their great grandfather.

“Dominus Nox” They both said at the same time.

Battle Brother Balor grinned as he walked away, such was the way of the Legionnaires early lives, maybe one day they would have children to carry on the name when he died.

“Ave Imperator”
He whispered and made the sign of the Aquila, pleased in the knowledge that his great grandsons were living according to the doctrines of the Primarch, and serving the Holy Emperor as loyal sons of Nostramo.
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