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As your list stands, it's not bad. The Vendettas are a good solid choice and should bag some Rhinos in the first couple of turns. The Melta vets are a good choice as well, but get rid of the Lascannons. They can only kill one marine per turn and are far too expensive as a consequence. As for the Plasma vets, I'd just give them Meltas if they're going to be dropping from the Vendettas, as increased range doesn't matter and they won't blow up in your face. As a plus the extra strength will hurt the DP more. Drop the Autocannons from those Vets too.

I don't know if this list is based on what you have, but it needs some work. If your friend is running all the things you've listed in a 1'500 pt CSM army then it doesn't seem he's doing much else besides charging in and hoping for the best. Why aren't you're platoons doing anything but dying? Are they too small, too ill-equipped?

I run a small platoon, twenty-five men, a Commissar and three autocannons. It's cheap and cheerful and tends to bag a few transports before being butchered. But that its job, to get killed so my Veterans can get to their targets unmolested. Its also a good place to park those autocannons and Lascannons to take full advantage of their range.

Platoons serve a useful purpose here, namely they give him something to charge, potentially exposing the weaker areas of his army in his headlong rush to slaughter you. Equipped with heavy guns you can whittle down his units before closing the trap and sending the Vets in to attack the Chaos rear. If you drop one of the Vet squads and add in all the points saved from the changes suggested above, as well as those of Marbo, who will do little against non-horde armies, you've got enough for a decent sized platoon along with some Leman Russ Demolishers or Executioners to take out the Terminators as well as the Plague Marines and Berserkers.

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Originally Posted by Gochu85
I am enjoying all of your articles. Thank you for your help. I hope I can use your tactics along with what I learn from experience to strike fear of green in to my enemies hearts.
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