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As you would already know Brettonia is a cavalry army and pretty much all your heroes and lords are mounted. This means that their armour saves are gonna be pretty good so for equipment its a good idea to take a Wardsave instead of boosting your armour. As for weapons its really up to the way you build your army, eg, say you want your hero to go with a unit of knights that have great weapons, the unit will be striking last but your hero will strike at (I) the few attacks your hero gets isent going to make much of a difference to the amount of attacks the opposing unit gets, so its prob best taking a great weapon so you can do max damage when its your turn to strike.
As for magic Items such as Dispel Scrolls, etc, its always a good idea to take some of these as they can turn the tide of battle or simply save a few knights at some stage in the game.
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