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Default eldar 1500 points

i find it hard to write eldar lists since i been playing space wolves for a while but i wanted a change so bring out my old eldar army

so here it goes

spirt stone, guid, eldritch strom, ro warding
swap powers to divination might just go for the guid and then can drop eldritch storm and spirt stones
bike, fortune, doom, sprit stone
thinking singing spear since they are unchaged unlike the witchblade plus gives me somthing to throw at tanks
4 warlocks
bike, enhance, embolden, 2 destructor
might be spending too many points in the HQ slot

10 fire dragons
wave serpent spirt stones, scx2

9 dire avengers
exarch shimmershild and power weapon or 2 x shuriken cat is shimmer then get defend if shuriken cat the bladestrom
wave serpent spirt stones, scx2
farseer on foot goes here

10 warp spiders
could split to 2 units of 5

3 warwalkers
scatter lasers x6

so i know i still need another troop but i might go for 2 units of jet bikes with 3 in and reserve them
this is 1410 with out jet bikes but could move stuff around to fit 2 units in
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