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Thanks for all the views and support.

Lethiathan - The OSL is a fairly new trick Im adding to my painting. This one was done by starting with Crystal Blue Army Painter and then going over it with Wolf Grey also Army Painter. After that just running a little white into the Wolf and using it to dry brush some highlights, maybe two or three of those highlights getting brighter and brighter.

Viscount - Thanks, Im looking forward to getting this army rolling. As far as the scouts go I wanted to avoid a cut and paste army and with the scout kits being mostly complete out of the box the heads were the only real change I could do without a lot of cutting. They have grown on me, I think they give the scouts a hardened warfighter appearance. But I understand what you see.

Stay tuned hopefully Ill get another update in the next two days. September is crazy for me so not much will be showing up this month.

Also anyone with knowledge on blending small surfaces like the gems please enlighten me. Thanks.

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