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Take an ally that can provide you with a good flyer, or 3 if possible! I am not sure, but I think orc allies can allow you a fast attack choice of a squadron of fighta-bomerz. If allowed, take all 3 in the one unit allowed!

Lots of jetbikes w/shuriken cannons, warlock on jetbikes, and at least one jetbike-mounted farseer are good, given their mobility. An autarch on a jetbike with banshee mask, laser lance, and a reaper launcher- yes, a reaper launcher instead of the reliable fusion gun this time-would be useful. Similarly, 3 vypers at least, with EMLs and a chin shuriken cannon would be useful. With remaining points, get as many wraithlords as possible, with EMLs as well. Then, if any points at all remain, get more jetbikes!

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