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I would go for a giant sized apoc battle using:

12x Nob Bikers
2x Biking Warboss

In two squads as a vangaurd ready to let it rip across the board.

Backed with :12x Deff Koptas

Then as the bulk
4x Battlewagons
4x Trukks
4x Looted Wagons

With lots of goodys inside them!

Shoota Boyz

and to cover flanks a few:

Killa Kans

Just a general mess about its a big force so use variety! some good units and its just a mechanised list to just run into the oppositioin and go krump. The bikers may becom vapour after turn one or two but hey you still have wagons, trukks and looted to smash through and munch. Anyway its a list/army i would use in a apoc friendly

Killa kans and lootas on flank because they lay down some fire power and the kans have and alright armour yes they won't stop bigger firepower but will delay them enough for you to deal with the attack,
The battlewagons wagons and truckks just give the force a larger amount of movement meaning you will get in their face early. And as they are open-topped they are abit fragile but the trucks mean burna boys can get their fry on. targetting units of infantry and you could almost hit and run with the trucks of them.
Battlewagons are just a steam roller down the middle they will most likely get hit the hardest so maybe a mek with KFF but not alot you can do in the end except push them forward maybe put lighter infantry in them so they can still move far after its died.

The bikers are....well bikers run the in exactly the same and just manuveaur against units with the killing firepower.

I hope this helps but you know best way to find stuff works as well as reading stuff is to play!

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