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Default You Build It Ork List 6th Ed

Okay, so lets try something a little different for fun, I'm going to describe all my army in some general detail and you huge brains out there to put together the best/strongest/most fun list you can figure with the parts I have.

Not serious, just give it a shot. I've got
150x Slugga Boyz
90x Shoota Boyz
90x Gretchin
20x Storm Boyz
30x Lootaz
30x Burnaz
15x Kommandos
10x Flash Gitz
12x Nob Bikers
20+ Assorted PK Nobs
12x Deff Koptas
3x Killa Kans
3x Deff Dreads
4x Battlewagons
4x Trukks
4x Looted Wagons
2x Big Mek
2x Weirdboy
2x Warboss
2x Biking Warboss

Post something you'd build using these units and explain why that'd be awesome. It'll help me get a handle on strategies for 6th edition.

I'm all for playing this game, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

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