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Default Tom's Death Guard

Okay well anyone who has seen my progress in the modelling and painting section will know I've been meaning to get this up. So now I have quite a few models to get together and paint and I thought I'd share it with ye!

First thing's first. (Scroll down if you aren't arsed listening to me droning on) Me and a few mates have decided to pick a chaos army to collect for the upcoming codex. Hopefully I'll convince them to pop up a plog themselves or I'll just take a few pictures myself.

I picked Death Guard mainly because....well I've always been drawn to ol papa Nurgle and I enjoy their fluff. I've gone for their pre-heresy scheme because I like the colour and want to build up my own fluff around them. I'll also be doing a small allied Daemon army to run alongside them!

So far I have painted:

Daemon Prince (needs rebasing)
Dreadnought (needs another arm)
A unit of Plagubearers

Being painted:

Plague Marines
Plague Bearer unit

To assemble:

Choas Lord
Lots of Terminators (I will convert a few into obliterators)
and Zombies!

Well that's out of the way I'll show ye some of my stuff.
First up is my Plague Marine Sergeant. Sorry for the pics, I really need a new camera.

Next up is one of my Terminators. When I was working on him I had no intention for him to resemble Typhus. But the pose is similar so I may use him as a counts as or just a regular Termie.

Also a note on the attempted scythe. I want my termies to have manreapers so I tried to make one out of a GK halberd. I'm happy enouth with this one so far but will be using the ones from the zombie kit from now on probably!

Now for my zombies! These will be my counts as cultists or an allied guard unit. I only have 5 together for now (and some green stuffing to do on them) but I will have many....many more)

Well there ye have it guys. The way I'm collecting at the mo is just making some models I like and can make Nurgley before the new releases come out.
C&C is welcome.
Hope ye like
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