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Flesh to stone is an awesome spell, but dwellers is just painful, I can think of very few units with a s5 core, so its like final transformation, only potentially nastier.

Regen is always useful. Ive used it to good effect to 'sacrificing' a spell and a unit of glade riders. He had a flaming sword cannon, so I decided to sacrifice earthblood on the riders. "stupid elves, regen has no effect against flaming" smoosh goes unit, when in reality the lone warhawk rider skirting the forest had the unit healed back to full health thanks to regrowth amd then proceeded to kill the cannon in cc 2 turns later, netting me 120 for 120 instead of 160.

You aren't meant to be in combat though.

You sit at the back, using your free reform and m5 forest strider skirmishers to sit in a tree line for probably a -3 to hit with bs shooting and stubborn ld9, you are deadly enough in combat to fast flankers to take them out if they threaten. WS and I 6 skirmishers are funny as fuck if an enemy puts Fast Cavalry anywhere near. Fantasys version of will it blend.

With a 5+ ward save versus spells and typically sitting outside of arc of fire or 34" range of enemy magic missiles they are safe.

Anything remotely ranked or killy appears (turn 3-4), teleport to the other side of the board. Between lifebloom and regrowth, congratulations you have just won 500 vps from your opponent. Points denial done the elvish way - and coming from the Beastweaver Eternal Guard Rhymer advocate thats saying something.

While they cannot now break Warriors of Chaos like 7th edition thanks to step up, it is a stupid WoC player that allows an enemy to get 15 attacks on their lord hittingnand wounding on3s, when the forced challenge simply allows you to decline and send your wizard safe to the back.

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