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@ Magpie, no better stress relief.

"Alright guys, as youve all had a good long day of pissinge off and done it so well, kit up, for day yomp, 5 full canteens each, rubber wellies on faces, sign out weapons from armoury, meet back here in 15, gogogo"

"right were are going for boffers (breath of fresh air)"

15 minutes later

"right fellas masks on. see that tree way up at the top of the hill? chase it down, and bring me back a single twig. sprint!"

"good work guys, but its not big enough, bring me another".

Or my favourite. That lap wasnt quick enough, you must sprint round until you do it faster.

#finally gets faster#

Why didnt you do that before? Were you being lazy? Course you were. We dont do lazy in the fucking green berets do we? As punishment for being lazy, we are going to go again.

Recruit, I need a long stand, go down to stores and ask qm for a long stand. Say Cpl Pembroke sent you, and that he expects only the finest long stand available at this present time. #Returns 5 hours later# "They didn't have one corporal, but he said to try again tomorrow"

Few of my favourite gems from CTC.

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