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Originally Posted by SGMAlice View Post
Rain, Walk. But thats situational methinks.

For the most part i sit and fume but i have been known to take my anger out on video games, which ever one seems to amuse me (usually sadistically. i can be quite nasty when i want to be) at the time. Like UT2k4 where i can pick up the Flakk Cannon, increase the game speed, put the CPU on easiest and run around that maps fragging everything that moves in as gory a way as possible. Gibbed Skaarj is amusing.
When i get in a bad mood and play a game i prefer to get right in their face and put seveal bullets in them, regardless of the cost to my HP.

In short - Video Games: Hack and Slash your way through them, beating the snot out of everybody and everything.


Pretty much the same thing for me, though it's usually Killzone or Halo that I play.

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