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Life is really the only way Imho to run MSU.

Lifeweaver in a unit of war dancers with Moonstone. Thanks to Lore of Life buffs, stays alive, dont discount the ability to heal a Dryad unit after redirecting to hold the enemy. Hell t7 killing blow regenerating units, that can be healed, is resilient to bs shooting (loitres at the back, skirmishing, typically utilising hard cover for a static -4, -5 against move and fire units, -6 against move and fire multishots), can be rehealed with regrowth, lifebloom keeps character alive, high ws, initiative and above average strength, along with the simple rocky horror move (its just a jump to the left, a hop to the right...) to teleport laterally to a forest, in which they become

HoDA on a BS6 model, gives your noble effectively 36-192 points worth of glade guard shooting at much higher accuracy.

Eagles - sadly can't take enough of these, they need to be special or 1-2 per choice, after how good sabretusks are.

Waywatchers - 18 of these nets you around 3 kb a turn, and around 2 other kills at least. Just dont ever look at a Dark Elf shade. Ive heard that apparently in the next book, each Waywatcher gets Sniper special rule if they so wish. It would be strange to see Ogres stay the best shooters in the world.

However, I play heavily comped (ETC) armies, with a 20-0 scoring rather than 3-0, so less of the chosen block, eg bunker, teclis, sirensong daemon ld bombs, so I am not exactly talking pick up and play games, you might find that terrain is lacking if you dont play by the recommended.

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