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I'm pretty sure that they will allow beasts and life for hero mages. I would love to be able to take a hero level beast mage! They'll probably update lore of athel loren as well. I have absolutely no idea what they will do, but I'm not worried about the lore changing too much. Though they will change call of the hunt to not charge in the magic phase. Seeing as how they got rid of all the other charge spells. the only thing I'm worried that wood elves will lose are the kindreds and spites, which would suck alot of the flavor out for me.

The lore of Athel loren wouldn't be too bad if wood elves could choose spells like high elves. call of the hunt is fun, and ethereal treeman or treekin are fun, but I won't spend points on a lord level caster to get the spells I need when beasts and life are better in just about every way. I would always have a lv 2 athel loren caster if I could pick his spells. otherwise I always seem to end up getting the fear or fury of the forest spell.

The real problem with wood elf magic is that You need a lord for decent spells, and I'd rather take life or beasts. If you could take a hero beast, I'd do that everytime. A level 2 beast with the divination orb, and a cluster of radiants branchwraith would be all the magic defense I'd need. But If I'm going to make athel loren consistently worthwile, you need a lv 3.

Personally I'm excited to see what they do with wood elf magic. I really hope they can keep it subtle and full of finesse, but still competetive. That's one of the few things I actually look forward to in the new book.
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