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Race name: The Menoetian Empire

Planet of origin: Thémia, a red, radioactive wasteland. Now uninhabited.

Average life span: Natural life span of ~70 years however with augments many will live up to 4 times this age.

Settled planets: Pérsēs, Stýx, Menoetius.

common features: Unaugmented, a typical Menoetian would resemble a 7ft human, powerfully built, red hair and red irises. However since augmetic enhancements are incredibley common amongst the populace, many can look vastly different.

Written and spoken Languages: Hērmēs and Kakia.

Hērmēs: The ancient language of the Thémia, rarely used nowadays.
Kakia: A official language of the Menoetian Empire.

Levels of Leadership:
The Red Empress:
Ever since the great departure, the women of clan Algea have ruled the empire with an iron fist. The current Empress is Lupe Algea, she has ruled for the last 10 years and has been known as the most benevolent ruler to date. The masses love her for this but senior archons have whispered of her weakness.
The Council:
Made up of senior Archons, Stategos' and Émporos'.
Advise the Empress on the most important issues of the Empire.
The Assembly of Archons:
The Archons are local leaders who control their sectors with some amount of autonomy. They come together to discuss politics and put forward bills to the council.

Thémia was once a beautiful and thriving planet. It was inhabited by several warrior clans who constantly fought over territory. This was the status quo for thousands of years and the clans grew more and more technologically advanced over time. This status quo was broken, however, when Clan Astraîos discovered how to split the atom. While at first this was used to power the cities of Thémia it didn't take long for the more blood thirsty clans to discover its raw desturctive ability. It then became an arms race, each clan seeking to find the means to end the other clans and gain total dominance of Thémia although no-one could even imagine the dire consquences. And then it happened, thousands of nuclear missiles were launched at clan capitals and headquarters. The end result was complete annihilation. 85% of the planet was destroyed, once lush forests and meadows were turned into radioactive wastelands that were inhospitible to any sort of life in a matter of hours.

Only 2 major clans survived, the blood thirsty Thaanites and the women dominated Clan Algea. Fearing for their planet, an unspoken agreement was made about the banning of nuclear missiles but the fighting continued. This meant they had to find new ways to fight, the vast plains were huge armies had once clashed in swirling melees were gone, replaced by barren stretches of land that would kill an unprotected man in seconds. So a new arms race was made, to create ways to fight in these hostile enviroments.

The Thaanites tried to uphold tradition and continue to fight hand to hand by designing and producing advanced personal enviromental suits for there troops to fight in but the more advanced and forward thinking Algeans built crude warmachines for troops to pilot. This led to the dominance of Clan Algea for a century. Then the scientists found a safe way to vacate the planet and colonise the nearby planet dubbed Menoetius. The Great Exodus, as it was called, was done in the following months. The final act of the Algeans was too fire a salvo of nuclear missiles at the surviving areas of Thémia, destroying what was left of the Thaanites.

After The Great Exodus, the Warmaiden of Clan Algea declared herself the new Empress of Menoetius, destined to rule all. In the following centuries, this new Empire slaughtered the native sentient species of Menoetius and the other 2 planets in the system, Pérsēs and Stýx.

The empire makes wide use of nuclear fusion power and has perfected it so much that the augments installed in most citizens can run off a clean nuclear power source located in their body.

The empire has continued use of war machines large and small to fight its battles. From the single manned Lēlantos class scouts, the agile yet deadly Ártemis class fighters and the colossal Árēs class titans.
Lēlantos class-
The Lēlantos class war machine can act as a scout and outrider for a Menoetian army. Fast, lightly armoured and equipped with a wrist mounted machine gun.
Anemoi class-
A two manned machine that rules the sky, several variants exist from light and agile dogfighters (Zephyrus), the heavily armoured bombers (Boreas) or the generalist craft (Notus).
Ártemis class-
War machines fitted with massive Pyrovόlo cannons on their shoulders that can devestate enemies from miles away. The Pyrovόlo cannon requires considerable set up times during which it is very vulnerable.
Athēnâ class-
The backbone of the war machine army, the Athēnâ class predominatly fight in close combat using two giant clawed fists and a flamethrower mounted on the underside of one of the arms.
Árēs class-
Grand titans who rule the batlefield. To pilot an Árēs class machine is a great honour. Weaponry on these machines vary greatly depending on the pilot.

While these machines are deadly on the field of battle, they are limited in numbers and what terrain they can fight in so an infantry army is still required to act in unfavourable conditions and as a screen for the mighty war machines. Harkening back to the days of old, close combat is still the preferred method of battle with enemies so a typical soldier, or hoplitē, will be equiped with a spathí (sword) and a sfaíraspída (A shield with a submachine gun mounted on the inside) in battle.


Real Name: Deimos of Pérsēs

Title: Próta-Stratēgos

Rank in Culture: Commander of the Pérsēs fleet, Council member.

Appearance: 7ft5, Bald, Half of face destroyed in a battle years ago, replaced with a metallic mask on his right side resembling a silver skull. Entire right arm is augmetic.

Backstory: The youngest Próta-Stratēgos since the great departure and considered to be a tactical genius since his win over an invading alien fleet.

Not much is known about his early life, he was an orphan of a low ranking officer. After excelling in school he was granted a place in a leading military academy. After graduating with distinction, he was given command of a small ship and has risen through the ranks quickly.

Many older Próta-Stratēgos have expressed concern over his rapid advancement, command of a fleet and council seat but have been silenced by the Empress who has developed a liking of the young Stratēgos.

Age: 40 Menoetian years

Personality: Despite his skull mask and terrifying reputation, Deimos is a calm and collected man who will analyze every situation. He has little time for people he does not respect and is not afraid to give his mind.

Weapons of choice: Kólasi (Inferno) pattern automatic pistol, for close combat Deimos uses the immense strength in his augmented arm to crush his enemies.

I hope that's ok, if anything else is needed just let me know

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