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I think they'll get a much improved athel loren and life and/or beasts for heroes... but I don't think they'll get any other lores for the elves.
What I do think will happen would be for the trees to get shadow since some of the 'darker' portions of Athel Loren are almost shadow personified (well treeified really).

... also I think you got call of the hunt wrong Vaz: I believe its move or bonus attack, but not both.

I actually quite like Athel Loren, which I guess makes me kinda stupid. Sure the basic spell is utterly useless (if you have it or a treeman people know to just not go into the woods) and the magic missile is pretty standard... but hidden path is great fun (treemen immune to gunlines is hilarious) especially if you can shield most of your army with an immune unit. Ariel's blessing is a good quality spell (although not massively appropriate for WE) and call of the hunt is one of my favourite spells in the game (marching into a unit's flank and then either magicking their way into combat or just strangle-rooting... either way its good.

... personally its Life that I don't like for WE. Perhaps its my total hatred for dweller's or just thinking that buffing MSU WE units is a bit of a waste of time, but I prefer Athel loren over life. Admittedly I normally take beasts over either of them (wyssan's is great on dryads and amber spear is everything that WE lack elsewhere).

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