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Race name: They carry no name, when they speak of themselves the refer to themselves as "us" or "the hives", others mostly call them bugs or some other degrading name.

Planet of origin: The planet which they originated from is unknown, but a few probable possibilities exist after calculating their spread and triangulating to the middle.
Planet visuals: A planet in full control by the bugs tend to look barren, since forests and the like tend to be destroyed, but shrubs thrive and the planets are generally kept evenly hydrated and fertilized.
This takes a very long time though. But in the end, the entire planet looks mostly like a forest of large bracken, easily 2-3 meters high.

Average life span: It highly depends on what type of specimen within the hive is at question, but mostly 1 year for the vast majority.
The queens live for several hundreds of years though and the warrior specie lives up to 5 years.
The newly bred ambassadors live for about 30-50 years.

Settled planets: The problem with the bugs is that they have no diplomatic borders, and generally spreads without the content of anyone else.
They generally appear in a wide radius around their supposed home world, and spread to all worlds within that area.
No matter if someone else was there or not.
This has left the species overlapping borders and without any borders of their own. As they appear more like a menace than an empire.
They don't attack other however unless resources on the planet they have settled is scarce or if the residents wander to close to their hives.

Common features: They are bugs, in all the gross forms imaginable. And they can with some work spawn new types of themselves.
One thing that groups them together is the fact all of them (in one way or another) has six legs situated on their stomach, two mandible arms often shaped like a mantis arms and they have three sections of their bodies.

They are also very resistant to natural hazards, like poison and radiation, and adept at mutating to better survive different climates.

The common specimens are:

Workers: A 2 foot long cockroach with ant like body sections that digs most of its life, other workers collect food and/or builds.

Warriors: these are generally up to 5 foot tall, but grow their entire life, and some reports speak of specimens up to 10 feet tall. But they are rare.
They have a rather high ground clearance compared to the workers and look more elongated, more slim.
They have flaps on their sides which resembles wings (but they cannot fly) which they unfold to appear bigger, this is to scare off trespassers.

Queens: Few have seen one, and they appear mostly as huge larvae.

Ambassadors: To try to blend in with other races, the bugs have tried to spawn a type of ambassador. More similar to bipedal species they walk on only two legs. But otherwise are as horrid and gross as the others.
They stand 7' feet tall. (Think district 9 prawns.)

Other: Variations exist locally. Flying specimens are common to be bred on some planets where flying will be useful.

Spoken languages: Unknown. Linguists are confused over their communication, they believe they use sense, smell and sound as well as some kind of telepathic communication.

The ambassadors can speak all languages if they spend some time learning it, but they have difficulty with speech and often stutters or speaks slow and clicky.

Written languages: No. The ambassadors can learn to write other languages.

Levels of leadership: All is controlled by the hive mind, and by its extent its queens.
The higher the concentration of bugs the higher their telepathic abilities.
The communication between worlds is difficult, and can only be made with large societies.

Back-story: Wherever they go, they are disliked and feared. As long as is known, they have been around making it perhaps the oldest race in existence. If they happen to colonize a planet with warlike beings they tend to be in for a conflict. Most never care to realize that the bugs are sentient, and see them only as a pest.

This has left the race disliked at best, since the race have countless of incidents with most other races in existence.
That they have shown interest in the new federation shocks and confuses mostly everyone. Mostly because few knew they were sentient.

Technology: They are biological. When a society is large enough (most commonly when they have taken over an entire eco-system) they are capable of launching space pods. These pods contain everything needed to create one hive.
One hive usually have about 600 workers and take up about one square kilometer under ground.
The hives rarely have large enough entrances for anything larger than workers and as such, warriors are bred inside but move out to live the rest of their lives outside the hives they protect.

Warriors usually fight with close quarter mandibles and or spit a super corrosive acid that can melt most known substances. Not equally fast naturally but its qualities have never really been reproduced by any scientists.

The hives reproduce VERY fast, a hundred new workers can be hatched in just a few days, and that's when they are not speeding up the process. The specie can (and have been) a great nuisance or even eco-terror several times because of this.

New types of specimen are never spawned unless the hive is large. (About 5'000-12'000)

Allies and enemies: This race doesn't consider itself as being at war with anyone. Several other races complain and say these "bugs" have needlessly attacked and killed dozens, hundreds and even thousands in some stories.
To their defense the bugs always claim it was self defense and/or necessary for the longevity of the hive.

This has most races have a in-built dislike and disgust for the bugs.
Mostly since they appear at random and starts to colonize without any-ones content. And secondly, they are horrible nasty creepy evil bugs who live to feed on your corpse and to destroy your planet (according to everyone else at least)

That's my race idea, it's a low power space empire race but on a planet they are very hard to deal with. Since they live underground and like bees, most can transform into queens if it is a panicked situation. Of course, only one queen per hive.
They have no space craft except the space pods, which are launched at random. Although they have an uncanny ability/luck to actually hit habitable planets.


Real Name: Unknown, he is a bug. (Get him a suitable nickname in-game, it should be down-looking but he wont mind.)

Title: He carries the title "Ambassador"

Rank in culture: Ambassador primus, since he is for some reason extra smart and telepathically strong, he can with great concentration and solitude contact nearby large hives.
It is although exhausting. Other species able to sense telepathy will hear a constant buzzling and/or clicky mess around large numbers of bugs. Around only this guy it's not to bad though and can easily be ignored.
A telepathic alien would NOT want to spend time on a massive bug world, they would be mentally exhausted by all the telepathic noise.

Appearance: If closely compared to other bug ambassadors, he will appear smaller and darker, but otherwise he's indistinguishable except the fact he has deep blue markings on his hide.

Backstory: The Zuntrak was going down to inspect another specie when they met him, the specie reported huge problems with bugs and that the bugs were (evil and bad) and destroying their eco-system.

The Zuntrak observed the purification of a hive when this specimen approached, hands raised.

The Zuntrak spotted the obvious surrender, but the locals wanted to execute all bugs so the Zuntrak of simplicity took him prisoner so the locals couldn't harm him.
It became known (for the first time ever) that the bugs were not mindless destroyers, but a sentient race, that now had a voice.

The locals eventually exterminated all bugs on his homeworld. But the ambassador never showed any signs of revenge.

He now lives with the Zuntrak, acting as a diplomatic envoy of the bugs.
Seldom respected by most species, but the Zuntrak believed in everybody having a voice, and a chance to be in this galaxy together.

Age: Now the ambassador is believed to be about 10 years old. Since he refers to himself as "He spawned two warrior lifetimes ago"

Personality: Very respectful, never rash, never angry he is a pacifist in person, but can suggest anything. Almost apathic and his ignorance of everyone except his kind (which in his world is always right)
He can completely rationally and calmly without emotion suggest the annihilation of entire species since they would harm the hives.
He lacks emotions other sentient races has, and this worries many.

Weapon of choice: Woe betide if he ever came in a battle, he is no warrior, he doesn't have blade arms, nor acid spit like the warriors.
He has been given a small energy pistol for self defense, but it took a long time for him to implement its concept to himself.
He has two warriors as bodyguards though, but these are not welcome at all anywhere and mostly only leaves his quarters in dangerous situations.

Small facts: The bugs produce nectar, it's similar to honey in how it's made but contain more kinds of nutrients, it doesn't look to nice but it tastes sweet and is very nutritious to most species.

This can be bought from the bugs, although the payment they want is what resource is lacking in the local hive.
Only large hives has the ability to produce more than they need and an ambassador needs to be present.

Although most consider nectar as vile and disgusting (it's made by the evil bugs after all) by some it's common goods and to some even a delicacy.

My character in a battle is probably another ambassador. They are the only ones who can convey orders from non bugs and try to implement concepts the bugs don't use.
Like march to somewhere, attack and generally anything that is not defending their hives.

That's my race, at least it's not the Trymg The most mad race i've ever created.

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