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Right, this is my race, I can explain any of it, in extreme detail, if need be

Race Name: The Galactic Federation of Pegasus (GFP)

Planet of Origin: Pegasus

Average Life Span: 140-150 years.

Settled Planets: Almost four hundred SLZ class planets (Sentient Life Zone) and innumerable, more hostile planets. GFP space extends in a near perfect circle from the core world Pegasus. There are three increasingly large rings of GFP space extending from Alpha space (around Pegasus). Beta and Ceta space are fully established with Delta space in primary development, a few dozen SLZ worlds and many resource rich more hostile worlds. The PDF (Pegasien Defense Force) Space navy defends all of Delta space and much of outer Ceta, but Alpha and Beta have a large network of space-stations. (lemme know if that's too much, idk how this RP is going to work, and I'll set it further back in Pegasien history, like only alpha and beta space or something.)

Common Features: Tall and athletic. Present day clothing. Pale blue skin (like avatar, but without all the markings, just smooth blue) but otherwise human in appearance.

Spoken Languages:There are two main Languages in the federation; Alumnite = A form of Latin type speech. Spoken by native Pegasiens as a first language. Slœvēc = similar to eastern-european languages on earth. The "business" language of the federation, a second language of most. There are multiple other languages from the few other alien races in the federation, but are spoken mostly by the people of the alien races.

Written Languages: Same as above.

Diplomatically the federation is a publicly democratic senate. Administrated by the senate, with a representative from the sub-senates which administrate sectors of each ring, containing several solar systems.
The members of the sub-senates are re-elected every year by the populations of the worlds they admin. The leader of each sub-senate (also elected) is guaranteed a place and voice in the Pegasus senate.
The Federation is very proud of it's progressive democracy, and the public can vote on most major decisions that affect them.

Leader: The pegasus senate has a leader who is re-elected annually. For the last four years it has been a man named Gerrit Alphus, who will likely remain for another two. He is 138 and wise with it. He is viciously intelligent and calculating. He is respected by the people and he in turn respects them. He strives for complete order and despises vanity.

Backstory: The ancestors of the Pegasiens came here at the beginning of the universe from what was claimed to be the end of it. They had unbelievable powers, some with those more powerful than other individuals.
The legend carried down through the years told of an ancient Evil, of unstoppable power. The Pegasiens fought it for many millennia but at the end, it could not be stopped. It was going to end the universe, prematurely. The Pegasiens had little time, the twelve most powerful Pegasiens gathered in the great temple to the spirits. There they amassed their mental power together over a week. They opened a portal, through the Slipstream, back to the beginning of time. Hoping this time to be prepared, to defeat the great Evil. But something went wrong, those chosen to go back, a dozen males and a dozen females, went without most of their tech. No one knew what really happened, maybe the Evil was involved. Whatever happened it meant the plan could never happen as proposed. But the twenty-four individuals sent back did what they could, they advanced the Iron Age proto-Pegasiens as far as they could with what limited resources they had. The Iron Age people worshiped them as gods. They kept the legend of the past future alive. And their advancement of the early Pegasiens allowed the current level of technological power ahead of the wider galaxy...
But now they are here, for most people the legend is a myth, and for just a few their greatest fear is that someday the Evil, will follow them here, and the future will repeat itself...
(Hooray for temporal mechanics!!)

Technology: The GFP uses complex and advanced technology. They are almost 1000 years ahead of most other major races and use advanced weapons and veichles. Their starships use Slipstream technology to travel FTL. Most of their weapons are energy based but carry solid rounds in a laser pulse. I can provide examples and in-depth descriptions of their tech.

Allies and Enemies: The GFP strives for peace, but realises the necessity of war, for defense of course, against those who would threaten. However they prefer to remain autonomous (and peaceful!) if possible, hoping to be the group joined, rather than the group joining.

No military description because it's massively complex in full, and I don't know how much I need/am allowed.
Also sorry for any grammatical errors or other discrepancies as I wrote this on my phone last night.
Feel free to tell me the probable many errors with mine, I will put a character tomorrow.

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