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fall of empires,rise of a republic (a sci fi rp)

Fall Of Empires,Rise Of A Republic

welcome to our galaxy known by many names amongst the advanced races it contains (to the zuntrak it is known as the coeliuk galaxy for example) and in this galaxy there are many sapient races from the promkra of guntral to the transok of linthal but amongst this large collection shine stars that have advanced far beyond there fellow settlers and have achieved travel amongst the stars and settling on worlds not of there origin.these are tales that have forged a legend in the history of our galaxy in the words of those who forged it but has been translated into your english i believe you call it.

“vol’trin come here i need to ask u something.”

“yes kra’wor what is it you want?”

“do you think this is a good idea,do you believe this plan will work?”

“of course,when have your plans ever failed.”

“theres a first time for everything,a first time for everything.”

a Zuntrak vessel lay still,it stood there in space above the surface of the planet ortyak III.the vessel was large,the length of an average moon and the breadth of a large city.at the vessels head was the great hall,this room was a large dome.the floors made from a crystal like substance,the walls were a great window looking out into the blackness of space.at its center a great tree from there home land of cruzamko surrounded by a small pond.stood at he far end looking out at the planets surface stood two Zuntrak.Vol’trin foe’s bane of froltra commander of the armies and fleet and Kra’wor fire heart of Cruzamko leader of the Zuntrak and head of foreign negotiation along with religious teachings.these two had lead there race forward and had both reached great roles as leaders of there whole race but they knew it would not last.they knew that contact with other races was inevitable and would eventually lead to war!and Kra’wor had posed a plan,he had sent emissaries to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to find the most advanced races they could and invite them to a meeting of peace on the surface of Ortyak III.one by one there ships arrived and as shuttles headed down to the surface thy knew it was time,time for negotiations to begin and to mark the beginning of the next age.

ooc.ok guys theres the intro so ye this is a sci fi rp based in another galaxy were there are many races each with there own sort of empire and in this the Zuntrak have reached out to them for a council of peace,below is the character sheets.the race sheet is for info on the species wile the character sheet is for that races representative wether it be there leader or just an emissary but this is the character you will control so i would prefer it be someone relatively high up and you will need a second character sheet which will be the character you control in battles.for the actual rp we will work out on the recruitment thread what will happen and in the update wile the posts will be either the character sending out orders or in a council with the other members wile in battle we will switch to the military leader or general on the field of battle.


race name:

planet of origin/the surface appearance:

average life span:

settled planets:

common features:

spoken languages:

written languages:

levels of leadership:



allies and enemies:


real Name:


rank in culture:



age:earth years and race years


weapon of choice:


.posts must be 5 sentences long at least unless said otherwise

.no goddmoding,so you cant make our race like a super fast super strong and super smart elite race with a massive army it has to have its weaknesses along with its strengths.

.make sure for your posts that if you want to do something ask the others on the recruitment thread about it and don't go further than the update.for example if you want to suggest something to the council put the suggestion at the end of the post so that everyone else can come in with there opinions and say you want to do an action you could do it yourself but you would either be voted out of the republic and go independent or just or just be put down from your seat of power and another character from that race would take his place cause as a republic we vote and discuss

Current players
klomster=the hive
general smyth=the menoetion empire
the black legionnaire=olori
yruo=the compact
farseer ulthris=mol'omra'chai
tyrrano the destroyer=the cybran nation
romero's own=the flusen

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