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Heimdall followed the squad quietly as they headed towards the engine room, watching the darkness around them as he moved his flamer and its pilot light to provide as much light as he could for his squad mates. They soon reached the eerily quiet engine core room, Iorek informing the bridge that it was clear. Heimdall felt uneasy as he stared around the room, not liking how there were not dead bodies of the crew at the very least to explain why there was no response.

As the vox link closed Heimdall heard a roar as the crew men, clearly turned from the All-father came rushing out of the dark towards the small squad of marines. Heimdall felt his wrath boil over. These men had turned before they died, their faith lost in one moment. They rushed at him with crude hand weapons, smashing against his armour and that of his brothers as they tried desperately to kill the God-like Astartes.

Heimdall snapped, grabbing the nearest man by his throat he hurled him, snapping his neck in the process as he maglocked his flamer to his leg. Stomping forward with his hunting knife he set to work on the maddened crewmen that dared attack him, slamming his knife through one holding a crowbar before pulverising anothers organs with his fist. He stayed silent as he continued his grim work, though inside he was a raging boil, barely keeping control over his wolf.

The bloodbath was over as quick as it had begun, Heimdall taking a moment to collect himself as his brothers talked and the packleader entered. Heimdall immediately noticed the resentment towards Keris, as if he was no longer one of the pack.

It had been days since the attack from the demon spawn and they had arrived in the Aurora's system. The pack was preparing for a combat drop with jet packs, and even though Keris was no longer one of the squad he would be joining them. Heimdall didn't know what to think of that, conflicted about Keris and his role.

Keris was a level headed marine, and would become a fine wolf priest one day. However he had left his pack, and though Heimdall was sure a lot of the pack would see that as him abandoning the pack Heimdall could understand his decision to.

The drop was uneventful, Heimdall listening to what his brothers said, as well as his packleader as he prepared himself. It would be his first real taste of combat, and against Orks. The xeno filth would be purged, and he would be a part of it. Checking his equipment and flamers one more time before the doors were flung open, and he and his brothers leapt into the whistling wind.

Plumenting downwards they could see the orks pushing back Imperial Guard on the landing platforms, ready to push them over the edge and too their deaths. The stupid xeno would not be expecting the wrath of Fenris to fall right on top of their thick skulls. As he descended he noticed that he had been far too wrapped up in the battle below, and had drifted off course with Ornsvald.

The two of them smashed into a smaller landing pad, Ornsvald immediately going down on one knee as Heimdall recovered from his drop quickly, unleashing a gout of flame with his flamer, catching four orks in its fiery death. "Burn Xeno scum. Burn in the name of the All-Father." Heimdall roared through his helmet speakers, fangs bared as he unleashed a second gout of flames into them before they could recover.

Immediately Ornsvald leapt into the destruction his flamer had caused, quickly dispatching three orks, but leaving Heimdall open for an attack to his side. Heimdall turned, flamer spewing death even as he readied himself to grab his chainsaw, in case he needed it.

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