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Sisters are good... but they compete for space with both a spellweaver and a treeman ancient, both of which are much better. My biggest problem with 2k WE lists is you can only fit 1 of spellweaver and ancient into the list, but even in larger games I think I would take a machine gun lord (highborn with bow of loren and arcane bodkins) before I took the sisters.

With my WE I used to run rings round people with fast cav... but my glade riders have long been unused now. I find it much easier to just play silly buggers with infantry instead. I normally use enough glade guard to pincushion many enemy units, starting with the fastest and weakest: I normally don't bother even attempting to hurt the 'deathstar' type units.
Smack the enemy around, slowing their advance as best you can and then, when you finally can't avoid them any longer either teleport away with moonstone or just march past them.

Its very hard to trap glade guard in combat: fast moving units are normally too weak to survive the hail of shots heading their way, while the units strong enough to survive the shooting are normally very slow. Since GG can back off 3" a turn you need to get very close to ensure the charge in your next turn... but that often gives the GGs a chance to just march 10" and getinto your flank, out of charge arc. Then if you turn to face they can march onward (so you are behind them) and then flee the charge... and should be far enough away to get away.
... either way you'll waste a good few turns and if one of your units is caught chances are its only ~130 lost VP.

I've played some really interesting games against WoC before, but never once has the game been decided by a unit of warriors or chosen... I'm not entirely sure that either has even managed to make combat against any WE unit that I haven't deliberately put there for them (either a sacrifice or a killer).
Eagles are the best unit in the WE book, mostly because of how cheap they are. If an enemy unit is boxing you in so you can't escape in a turn then sacrifice an eagle to force them to charge: even better is if you have 2 eagles blocking as then you can flee with the first and have nothing but another eagle for the enemy to redirect onto... allowing you to draw them their charge distance off into the flank and keep them facing the wrong way (otherwise you have to hold, waste one turn but with a combat reform they'll be facing back towards your army).

Basically- if you are a sneaky bastard you'll do well with WE and don't need to use cav to avoid the enemy... it is just easier to do with cav, if you can keep them alive.

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