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Cavalry lists struggle at 2k+ because people start throwing around things like dual abombs
or dual stanks.

At 2.4k, I find there are two musts. The first is a unit of 10 waywatchers. The second is a unit of 10 waywatchers. This gives you KB shooting to make merry hell with an enemy unit. Scout into range outside of arc of fire, then unleash kb shooting. These are the two single most expensive point usages in the army.

Other musts; Hail of Doom Arrow. Put it on a BSB, and with Asyendis Bane (as he loses his bow, QED he needs the bow to fire the arrow) and although you dont get the rerolls to hit with it, you still fire off on average 120pts worth of glade guard, hitting on 2s.

Your caster should ideally be a lifecaster with l4, moonstone teleport, and sitting in a unit of wardancers (youd be surprised how hard it is to kill this unit with regrowth and the ability to simply teleport to the othe side of the battlefield.) That keeps you 350 general alive.

With respect though, if you are asking for help in making a list when the choices are just so obvious, im not entirely sure you know enough to "run rings" around your opponent.

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