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Well if you're after a challenge then a wood elf cav list is about as much of one as you'll ever get. WE are pretty weak anyway, and if you want to sacrifice their heavier shooting for even more mobility that leaves you pretty light on actual damage output.

I would say you've got 2 possible lines of approach on this: either offensive or defensive. Offensive means you'll try to do more damage then the enemy, defensive means you'll be trying to stop the enemy picking up any VP and try to squeeze some kills of your own in somewhere.

For offensive lists I would take a treeman ancient and a rare treeman, giving you march and shoot strangleroot plus some pretty good combat, backed up by glade riders, war hawk riders (mostly for combat- they're excellent at catching war machines or poor flanker-type units) and possibly wild riders, though being ItP means they'll get caught more then you'd like and give away easy VP. Eagles are always good in a WE army, and in this case they'd help to march block via true march block rules but also via sacrificial placing to force enemies to charge them and waste a turn on them (especially if you flee in an unhelpful direction and draw them off).

For a defensive list the first thing you need is a Lv4 weaver with the wand of wych elm and a singer with a scroll. That'll help you shut down most of the opponents magic (its magic missiles that really hurt WE).
Next you need to shut down enemy shooting: warhawks and eagles can go for war machines and scouting waywatchers are always helpful at taking on ranged units/warmachines but I think you'd find dryads to to be much more effective. A couple of units of ~8-10 marching straight towards a few units of ranged weapons (with a branchwraith with cluster of radiants to help with anti-magic) is very hard to stop, especially if you make good use of cover (or make the front unit immune to non-magical shooting).
... if you shut down enemy magic/shooting then its normally easy enough to avoid their combat blocks while you go fishing for easy VP (harder to keep the ItP units such as dryads clear, but at least they are quite cheap and will actually do some damage if caught).

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