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He stood within an occularium, alone but for the monitors lining the walls, which were so numerous and dense that they reminded me of scales along a reptile’s hide. Each screen displayed a view from the command deck of one of the fleet’s ships, letting him see through the eyes of his servo-skulls.
He smiled when I entered, and blanked the screens with a vague wave of his hand. A psyker, then. Formidable, surely. As powerful as myself or Malchadiel? Unlikely.
+Don’t be so certain.+ He smiled again as he sent the words

I guarded my thoughts tighter, closer, behind a wall of concentration. There are certain deceptions to learn, a wealth of simple exercises that can shield one’s thoughts when willpower alone will not suffice. I focused part of my attention counting the beats of my heart, and trying to count his at the same time.
‘Very nicely done.’ He smiled again. ‘Now all I hear are the numbers accruing in your mind. A child’s trick, but a timeless one. I’ve used it myself often enough.’
‘Why didn’t you force Jarl Grimnar to heed your commands? You’re powerful enough to do it through psychic imprint alone.

a discussion between a very powerful grey knight (psychically, and perhaps an even more psychically powerful inquisitor)
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