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I'm hungry for Tau and neither this list nor the time frame is doing it for me. With Ward at the helm there's no shortage of reasons why.

-Stealth Suits presumably not even able to be troops no matter what you do. Complete non-starter for me.

-Less boxy crisis suits presumably means more like the fugly Forge World ones, I.E. more like japanesy crap, complete and utter horribad no-starter for me.

-Vespid heavies? Please. Ward probably won't make the regular ones cost effective because that is a unit that could compete with his wet dream spessmuhreens. Fail.

-Keeping the space pope? What the...

-No new weapons mentioned. The only thing Tau needs is cost effective AP3 weaponry. The codex writer that does not supply this can fuck right off.

While there are bright spots in the rumors, I am probably just going to sell off my Tau as an army that gave me lots of fun once and retire from 40K. They are going to lose their identity with this hack-job and end up more and more like the comic book manga crap they keep shoveling down people's throats elsewhere. I will keep my Dark Eldar for modeling and the odd 5th edition-locked games with buddies. None of us feel like buying any more GW product for the foreseeable future, so it's all good.

Once I hoped Phil Kelly was writing this... I shed a tear for the utter opposite being delivered unto our cosmic shores...

TAU for life (in my heart)

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