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First one for this month done! My Destroyer Lord, had started with the Finecast Des Lord body but as with all the older figs that have been re-done in finecast, in my experience anyway, it was riddled with air bubbles and did not take the paint very well. Have replaced it with bits from the original destroyer kit and the overlord bits from the command barge, has turned out alright I think.

Have also finally found a way to get transfers on a figure without them looking like transfers and being all shiny and horrible.

Base is a bit plain at the moment, needs something else to make it stand out a bit more I think. Will wait and see how many scarabs I have spare once they are all put together and maybe stick a couple on there to finish him off.

On to item number two for August, either some scarabs or some warriors, amazing what some time off work and a little motivation towards getting things painted can do

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