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Originally Posted by LongfangFenrika93 View Post
If that is how fluff is then consider this, why is Magnus still not bitter at Horus. Indirectly if the fluff is at the point you say it is, or directly as it was before, the Thousand Sons downfall is still as a result of Horus' betrayal. It doesn't explain why the Thousand Sons still fight for Chaos as a whole, knowing that the whole thing was Horus' and Lorgar's fault. I would've thought that they would in some way try to sabotage the rebellion, or combat Horus' efforts, perhaps retaining a scintilla of loyalty.
Except their fall really isn't Horus' fault. No one told Magnus to use sorcery to try to warn the Emperor. In fact, the whole point of Nikaea was to get him to stop with the sorcery (well, not just him but he was still included). And the Sons still had the flesh change to contend with. Even without the Heresy something would have had to give at some point. The truth is the Sons were already fucked long before Horus turned traitor.

And why do they fight for chaos? Well, Magnus dedicated their service to Tzeentch. It was a price he paid to allow them to escape the wrath of the Wolves on Prospero. And what good would have come from sabotaging Horus? The loyalists weren't about to have anything to do with him and he already had a target on his back after the devastation he brought to Terra. Why piss off the traitors as well and be hated and targeted from all sides? Why hamper or destroy a potential ally for a cause he is no longer part of? He became a Daemon Prince, there really is no return to loyalty or redemption after that.

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