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Default Lorgar's self imposed exile

Ok first, other than it being stated, is there a story or short connected to the Daemon Primarch going into exile?

Main question. Does Lorgar believe he is better serving the Pantheon by writing rediculously large amounts of text? Does he have ANYTHING to do with the Word Bearers planning at the moment. Or is he leaving it to Erebus and sulking. I know very little about this. However I really would like to see the Word Bearers led by Lorgar make an attempt to cause some serious damage against the Imperium.

I personally believe if Lorgar were to put on some clothing, walk out of his hole and rouse his Bearers of the Word. I think even Abaddon would have a difficult time not taking up arms with him. Is Lorgar not truly the chosen of Chaos? Reading Aurellian(sp?) he sure seems to be.
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