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Originally Posted by Archaon18 View Post
Here's a handy link to something to kick start that new fluff. A great example can be found here. I'll also take a moment to say that after your title I was delighted to see you can speak English!
As always I am glad that I was able do defy expectations!

The link was most excellent and my chapter history, thus rewritten, will be posted in that forum as soon as the Inquisition has had the opportunity to censor all the more heretical parts!

Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
welcome to heresy, will you be trying to invent gene seed by any chance? have a happy heresy
I have used the chapter generator and now have a gene seed... which is odd to say the least. I will post it in the "chapter generation" forum as soon as humanly possible! Also, your location is most excellent

Thank you all so much for your very positive welcome!

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Originally Posted by DeathKlokk View Post
Keep in mind you are arguing "realism" about an army of genetically-altered supermen that are able to shrug off rocket propelled explosive bullets because someone is waving around a cup full of blood that reminds them of their long lost Super Daddy that was killed by there Extra Special-Super Uncle.
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