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Default So I sez to duh guy..

Hello there one and all =3

I am new to forum-posting but not new to the hobby. I lost interest a few years ago when I walked into my local GW only to be bombarded by people trying to sell me things and telling me how great Ultramarines are and then getting annoyed at me when I refused to buy "this new super cool model with all its awesome features". I guess I've been a cynic since then.. =/

I have my own space marine chapter called the Storm Guard. They originally had an odd and convoluted history which I'm going to rewrite as soon as I have time because atm their background sounds like it was written by a 10 year old (in fact it was written by an 11 year old but whatever)

I have problems with people getting annoyed over the massive divide between fluff and crunch. It makes me crazy so I'll avoid posting in any threads where that is an issue.

I am an actual molecular biologist so sciency stuff is my forte. Space Marines are actually one of the things that got me into biology so thur ye go; who says playing board games is bad for you?!

My father was an odd man interested in military history, so I used to like making armies that seem like they would be "realistic" and how I thought it would be organised irl. I stopped that because loosing with principle is less fun than winning as a sell-out =P

I like playing for the game and I am not in the slightest artistic so my models are pretty poorly painted. However I do respect and admire those who turn their models into works of art. You guys are NOT nerds, you are artists with an non-traditional canvas. Props given.

Finally since now I have slightly more time to do stuff that I'm interested in (plus the fact that there is a new 40k rulebook just out) I hope to get back into the game and that I can share my sucesses, failures, trials and tribulations in an entertaining, witty and excessively verbose way that will cause some to laugh, some to cry and some to try and track down my IP address and try to kill me.

If you have read this far then, good sir or madame, I give you props, apologies and my eternal respect (redeemable in the year ending 31/12/12, terms and conditions apply)

M.E.R.P. 141
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