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Hey guys, looks like I'm joining :tongue:

Name: Endras Amlugon
Race: Wood Elf of Ela’Amnor
Gender: Male
Age: 127

Physical Appearance: Endras would be tall for a human, but amongst the elven races he is relatively average at 7 foot, with the fair skin of his race. His hair is a deep, chocolate-brown colour which reaches past his shoulders. His eyes are amber and deeply intelligent, whilst his mouth is usually upturned slightly in a smile, equally at his comrades and with them. He is very lithe, but that belies the wiry strength that lies beneath.

Personality: Endras can be very solitary when he doesn’t know a group well, but when he’s regularly around people, he can open up to them. He may argue with people, or create contention between the group, but will usually stop before it comes to blows. If he takes a disliking to someone, then he will stick to it, and it could be years before his opinion of them changes, whilst if he becomes particularly close to someone he will back them up as much as he can, despite the odds. The only time he will not intervene in an argument and take up sides is when it is two friends; then, Endras will attempt to be the negotiator and end the disagreements. When it comes to a battle or skirmish, the Elf is very focussed and puts differences behind him. He tends to think of himself as a fair person, despite his tendency to form opinions quickly and is too stubborn to change them. A prime example of this is that, despite having forgiven dragons as a whole thanks to his connection with Jadeus, he would still dearly love to take his retribution against the dragon who destroyed his home and killed his parents and two of his siblings. He would deny it, some of that anger completes him and he subconsciously knows that he would feel less capable, without it driving him to become better and more skilled. He pursues anything he really wants with a single-minded determination that pushes other things into the shadows until he has completed it.
Endras, despite a long-seated hate of dragons, now cannot imagine life without Jadeus and will happily injure or take the life of any who threatens the life of his now-constant companion.

Background and How you met Modeus: Endras was born into one of the now-destroyed cities of the Wood Elves, and grew up as a normal elven child. He often trained with his father’s weapons from the age of ten, and soon proved he was a rather exceptional bow-men, but he was always less skilled with melee weapons, capable but the lesser fighter in his many training bouts.

When his home city was destroyed by one of the Green Dragons, Endras and his youngest brother were in one of the other cities, in the home of some extended family. Both brothers were distraught upon hearing the news of the cities destruction, but whilst Endras’ brother lost his mind with grief, he worked through his grief and poured all his passion, his anger and grief into his new life-path - that of the Ranger. He spent years wandering the forgotten pathways and the changeable animal tracks, hunting down dangerous animals and perfecting his archery. For years at a time he would wander between settlements, alone with the beasts of the forests, only coming into the major cities for the most elusive of supplies and for the latest news.

A seething anger against dragons had raged inside Endras during all this time, and when he heard rumour of the location of a Green Dragon, the ranger immediately joined a group, made up of warriors, rangers, druids and mages who were determined to remove this particular threat. It took weeks for them to finally arrive at the cave which the dragon used as a lair, and they cautiously made their way inside, arrows knocked and swords drawn. Endras found the dragon’s nest inside the cave, and the scene shocked him; two eggs, one still as stone and the other cracked and split, the wyrmling already gone. Eyes hardening, the ranger scoured the rest of the cave until he found it, sword already in his hand. The creature, just over two feet long, stared back at him for thirty seconds, head cocked. A feeling, almost of empathy, seemed to radiate from it as if it could read Endras’ anger and resentment, before it bared it’s teeth and launched itself at him. The elf barely managed to get his dagger in position and use his hand to force it’s jaws away from his neck before it died. He didn’t, however, feel the vengeance he thought he would have after killing it, instead feeling slightly sick. He carried the body back to the others, who were arguing over the fate of the remaining egg - destroy it, or take it to the Riders. Many of the elves had joined the hunt for the Dragon due to a need for vengeance and were determined it would be destroyed, and only three others stood with Endras. In the end, the discussion was cut short when the mother returned, and Endras stole away with the egg and two other elves, determined that it should be used to help the lands of Em’Ralden. He sometimes still hears the cries of the mother in his dreams. He never found out the fate of those he left to fight the dragon, he only heard the faintest clashes of battle before even they disappeared into the distance. He split up from the other two, retaining the egg, and made for the home of the riders.

He travelled for weeks, all the time taking exquisite care of the egg and moving in absolute secrecy, staying nowhere for more than half a day. By the time he arrived at High Dragon Hold, the egg was close to hatching, moving ever so slightly in the bag he had so carefully placed it. Having presented his ‘prize’ to Modeus, the First Rider, Endras had determined he would return to his home-land and continue in his role as Ranger, leaving his days of anger and an unsated lust for vengeance behind him. However, Modeus spoke with him, and it was decided he would wait to leave until the dragon was hatched. And when it did, he felt an instant connection, like the feeling of empathy he had with it’s sibling, but so much more profound. Since then, he has resided at High Dragon Hold, with Jadeus, although he does miss the forests of his birth-lands.

Class: Ranger

Equipment: Endras carries a longbow, his main weapon, and a quiver full of long, footed arrows, made of cedar and oak wood. As well as this, he wields a straight-bladed short-sword and dagger in case it’s truly necessary, and he wears leather armour over a fine chainmail shirt, and over all of this he wears a cloak. All of his armour and clothes are in shades of muted greens and browns, the better to blend in with the woodland nature of Ela’Amnor. When he leaves High Dragon Hold, Endras takes supplies with him, reminiscent of his days as a Ranger, such as food and other essential provisions.

Dragon Name: Jadeus (pronounced Ha-de-us)
Dragon Gender: Male
Dragon Colour: Green

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaļmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon

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