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Originally Posted by Lord Commander Solus View Post
Name: Vardask

Homeland: Bretonnia, the Wild Forest

Gender: Male

Age: 389 years since becoming a vampire - unknown beforehand.

Appearance: Vardask is the epitome of the Strigoi for his terrifying and monstrous appearance. The Vampire almost dwarves fully-grown men, and cuts a fearsome silhouette. His skin is thickened and hard, with huge coils of bulging muscles along his arms, chest, and legs. His body is a pallid white in complexion. His eyes are twin, glittering black pits, possessed with the savagery of the hunter. Vardask has a pair of huge, leathery wings, with the membranes between the white stalks of hardened flesh coloured a softer brown, but still equally tough. Vardask has huge, blackened claws on his hands and feet, and only a torn brown loincloth around his waist for clothing.

Personality: Vardask embodies the animalistic fury of what has become the Strigoi line. The once-proud bloodline bears no marking upon Vardask, who only represents the group's current, lower status. Vardask lives for slaughter and that alone, and when he does deign to speak he comes across as impatient, and restless. Vardask is constantly wary for a stab in the back, and prefers to hunt alone to make things less complicated. He is not completely brain-dead, however, and realises that political manoeuvring, however dull, can have its uses. However most of this intrigue consists of who he will kill next to make an example; Vardask is brutal and uncompromising.

Background and History: Vardask's ascent to Vampirism was not like many others. Even amongst Strigoi, his Blood Kiss was unorthodox. Vardask cannot remember his previous life; the earliest he remembers is the painful ritual he went through to become what he is today. He cannot even remember his name- did he have a name? - before he became Vardask. The first moments he remembers, nearly four centuries ago, Vardask was inside The Wild Forest, in Bretonnia. The land was very different four hundred years ago, and Vardask was being held by a nomadic tribe. Whether he was a captive or a volunteer, or even one of the tribe members, Vardask doesn't know.

He had been placed in a cage, a cage with spikes at the bottom so he had to stand up. He remained standing for over a day whilst tribesmen danced around him, offering praises to non-existent gods of Sun, Earth, and Water. They called upon their last god, Death, to grant them power over the monster they were about to create. All of the ritual, the dancing, the cage, was nothing. There were no gods of Sun or Death that these mortals could call upon. But they did have one thing.

Another cage was brought forward, housing a shackled beast. The two cages were connected, and the doors between them opened. Tribesmen began stabbing the beast violently with spears until it stood and lumbered towards Vardask. The beast was a Strigoi vampire, and, with one of the nomads channelling the Winds of Magic through the cage, it was forced to give the Blood Kiss. Vardask does not speak of how the Kiss was given; there is little record anywhere of how it actually happens. Suffice to say, with the raw effects of pure magic flowing past, and the shackled Strigoi being forced into it, it was unlike any other Blood Kiss.

When Vardask awoke, he was already larger. His skin had become taught and hardened, turning a pallid white. His eyes, as he saw in his reflection in a small pool near to where he awoke, were jet black and glittering. Tribesmen then approached him, carrying totem poles and chanting; the lead one holding a pair of shackles. Vardask did something they didn't expect; he attacked. The look on the tribesmen's faces was that of horror, as Vardask ripped through the mortals with his already enhanced physique. He picked up the fallen shackles and used it as a brute instrument, swinging it around his head and smashing it into heads to brain his opponents. The ritual had not gone as planned, as it never could have, and Vardask was not a controlled vampire. He was a feral as any other; but the ritual did do one thing. It imprinted upon Vardask a need for blood so strong that it would overcome him.

As the years passed, Vardask lived as a nomad, just as the tribe had. But there were to be no tents for him; as his body enlargened and his claws grew, he travelled to kill and rested in caves or unprotected graveyards. One day a great pair of leathery wings sprouted from his back, and, with a roar, Vardask took to the skies, hunting like a monstrous bird of prey. The one thing he could never master was magic; the magic involved in the ritual must have affected Vardask somehow. Whatever it did to him, it left him unable to channel the Winds of Magic; he could feel them, see their currents flow if they blew strong, but could not use them. It has never stopped Vardask from killing, however; now he hears of a Crusade of Blood. And if there is one thing Vardask wants, it's blood.

Blood Line: Strigoi

Vampire Level: Oldblood - +350pts

Magic Level: Level 0 [Minus 2 Levels] -70pts

Vampiric Powers:

- Flying Horror - Vardask's great leathery wings can take him to the skies, giving him +2S, +1I, and the ability to Fly. +45pts

- Curse of the Revenant - Nearly four centuries old, and with skin tougher than leather, Vardask is nigh-on unkillable. He can regenerate at an obscene rate, and this has made him incredibly tough to wound. +1T and +1W. +55pts


- Toughened Skin [Light Armour]. Such is Vardask's hardiness that his skin is as tough as if he was wearing armour, granting him a 6+ armour save. +5pts

- Dark Regeneration [Talisman of Preservation]. Vardask's incredible regeneration is horrifying for his opponents, who will only be able to gasp as not even fire is capable of stopping Vardask's wounds re-knitting themselves, giving Vardask a 4+ Ward save. +45pts

- Lightning Reflexes [Sword of Swift Slaying]. Moving at a speed which to a mere mortal would seem impossible, Vardask Always Strikes First. +25pts

Total Character Cost: 350 - 70 + 45 + 55 + 5 + 45 + 25 = 455pts

[table] Vampire Type | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Magic Lv. | Points
Vardask | 7 | 4 | 6(8) | 7(8) | 6(7) | 8(9) | 6(7) | 2(0) | 455[/table]

- 6+ Armour save and 4+ Ward Save
- Always Strikes First
- Fly


Let me know if there are any problems, revan. Thank you for giving me the chance, at any rate.
Looks alright, however you may only drop 1 magic level not 2 when your an oldblood.
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