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Originally Posted by Azrell View Post
o0... Lighting happens when a positive leader meets a negative leader coming form above. But the "lightning" still more or less goes all zappy above in the air where the channels are made,and above the ground where the positive leader is coming up from... so yes vehicle would be hit on the top, not the bottom.

If lightning cam from the ground you would be safer to clime a pole than stand in the open... but i digress, its not really important to how Immys power works.
Actually, I did some research and it seems I was a little misinformed. But Lightning can travel cloud-to-ground or ground-to-cloud. In no instance, however, would you be safer standing in the open as taller objects tend to become conduits for the charge flow.

Originally Posted by Da Joka View Post
Yeah, and that's why I said Fluffwise lol

The important thing to remember is that his Lightning Bolts are not a Shooting attack. So in most cases they won't get a cover save.
And that is the important thing to know. Only get cover in area terrain, like Barrage. Nice that Stealth and Shrouded do jack.

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