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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post
This might help keep you motivated.
Keep up the awesome work.
Thank you was that the TV show off Sky One? Brainic? or something like that?

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
This thread keeps getting better. Looking forward to seeing those trueborn finished.

There is one thing that jumped out at me on your venom though, and that is the dirty big mold line on the gunner's right arm. Considering the high standard you've set, it really stands out.
Khorne's, thank you for spotting that for me, that will be corrected as soon as. Always good to have another set of eyes looking over something that I am getting use to.

I will start on them next week when the painting challenge for August kicks in, having a week of none painting for once. Might even push to another Venom at the same time that month as well.

To the both of you thanks for the kind words and to everyone else for looking. More soon hopefully.

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